I have been interested in photography for many years, going back to my skateboarding days, when my friends and I often took photos of each other skating, hanging around, having a laugh and generally getting up to mischief.

Some of us enrolled on a Youth Training Scheme (YTS) In Livingston in the early 1990’s, which focused on graphics and photography. We used to have fun taking photographs of each other fighting with the big rolls of material which had been intended for use as studio backdrops. The YTS was based in my local high school and had its own B/W and colour darkrooms, where we would develop and print the photos of my friends and I basically mucking about.

Mo, YTS studio portrait, 1991.

Mo, YTS studio portrait, 1991.

The YTS also sent us on day release to the old West Lothian College campus in Bathgate, where we learned all about pub photography… A few years later I enrolled on an HNC Photojournalism course there but did not complete it. After that photography and I parted company for about ten years or so. In the meantime I had gotten married and started a family. By this time digital cameras had come to the fore in a big way, and I was gradually drawn back to photography.

I started photographing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and became interested in Street Photography from there, photographing various protests and other events. I had been shooting with a Fuji bridge camera initially, but reached its limitations pretty quickly. So I bit the bullet and invested in my first DSLR.

In summer 2013 I applied for a place on a photography course at West Lothian College, with the intention of relearning things I had perhaps forgotten, expanding my understanding of all things digital, and improving my photography overall. After two years I certainly achieved those goals. I also started shooting on film again, which I really enjoy.


Contact: alangardner74@hotmail.co.uk

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