Unseen Street. Colour.

For one reason or another many of the photographs I take never see the light of day. It could be that at the time I don’t think much of them, or they just don’t quite fit anywhere somehow. I also don’t like overkill, and don’t really want to be constantly posting. That instagram instahit, then instaforgotten thing doesn’t appeal. I do post on instagram (alangardner74), and like scrolling through other people’s work on there, but I cannot be bothered with the daily rat race, or whatever it takes to ‘build a following’ for no good reason. It’s all very disposable, even good work. That disposability is built in.

Anyway, even with Flickr (my Flickr ), which I think is much better and more enjoyable, I try not to just post for the sake of posting. I try to be a bit more considered. So, in saying all that, I thought I would take a look back into my archives of street photography over the last three years or so and pick out some shots that have remained hidden away in the bottom drawer.


Hot Diggity Dog.




A rare use of flash on the street in this one, on a rainy winter’s day in Edinburgh.


Light On Leith Walk.


Man At The Jokeshop.


Arm in Arm.


The Light of Day.



22nd Feb 2018



Untitled 2.

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