Samhuinn Fire Festival Rehearsal.

Last Saturday I went to Edinburgh to photograph the Beltane Fire Society rehearsing for their Samhuinn/Halloween fire festival, which takes place on the Royal Mile on the 31st of October. I’m hoping to shoot that again this year too. For that I will most likely stick to digital so that I can see what’s working. It’ll be darkness and light, night and fire, so a bit tricky to get just right.

For this rehearsal though, I used a combination of digital and film. I had my Nikon F3 loaded up with TX400 (pushed to 800 to allow faster shutter speeds and a bit more grain), and the Ricoh GRV as back up really. I was glad I had it as I ran out of film quite quickly.


Lost in the beat of drums. (TX400)


Chaos Reigns. (TX400)


… (TX400)


Fire. (TX400)


Step on it (ricoh grv).


Spectator. (ricoh grv)


… (ricoh grv)


… (ricoh grv)



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