Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017. Part 1.

For the majority of the festival this year I decided to shoot almost exclusively on film. On Portra 160 specifically. I love the way it feels. It feels right. For the first two days I had my DSLR with me, which meant that I didn’t use any film, falling back onto instant results, some of which were fine, but some were just the same old, same old shots I really wanted to move slightly away from.

So after the first two days I left my DSLR at home. I did take the Ricoh GR later into the festival, but that was for another project on the way to and from Edinburgh.

I’ve used 11 rolls of film. Which isn’t that much really.  But again, I have enjoyed it more. It just feels better to me. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what I have on there, and this morning I got the first seven rolls back from D.S. Colour Labs. Here are a few.


Bush Craft.


Japanese dance duo RedRibbon before their final performance of Dance Macabre.

RedRibbon, Dance Macabre. This wasn’t easy to shoot in quite low light, with fast movement, but I like this one.


Taking the whole sharing thing too far.




Some days were like this.


Some days were brighter.


I like photographing people who’ve come to see the show as much as the performers themselves sometimes.


Three painted faces.



Who’s the dummy?


Bearded Lady & Assistant from hypnosis show.

Part two should be up in a week or so, once I have the last of my films processed.


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