Recent Colour Film Shots.

At the end of March/beginning of April I had a little dabble with night photography. In colour. I shot on Kodak Portra 160, a really nice film, with my Nikon F3 (50mm f1.8). I had it in mind to photograph a local petrol station, at night, in colour. I didn’t want people in the shot, or in my night shots generally. I wanted their absence to be a deliberate ingredient if you like. The world is strange at night, with nobody around. Almost forbidden, dead, secret. I like the idea of that. As for the petrol station, I like the neon leaping out from the dark, like some sort of alien space craft that has landed.


I also just like the night landscape for it’s own sake. It’s very different to the day. I had to use a tripod of course, as the exposures were working out around 10 – 15 seconds. After photographing the petrol station I had a wander around to see what else of interest I could find.


I quite liked how not very grand the back of this night club looked, with this line of bins in a queue, and the empty telephone box.


The supermarket looks kind of forbidding and gloomy, abandoned to the night, serving no one.  It could be a prison or a clandestine meeting point. Maybe it is just a facade, beneath which, hundreds of feet below, lies a vast bunker, with lit up maps on the walls, telephones and screens. If there is let me know, could be handy…


I liked how the trolly park looked too, but this was quite difficult to compose because I couldn’t see very well at all. I think this shot was about a 45 second exposure. I really want to do more of this.

As well as ‘street photography’ I am becoming interested in urban landscapes, and what you can do with a frame around what is considered ordinary, even dull. You can alter that within a frame, through the act of photographing things that otherwise wouldn’t get a second thought. Things we just pass. I like that idea too.












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