Woodland Comparison Study.

I’ve been quite busy shooting quite a lot of street photography in town over the last few weeks, since the Christmas Market thing has been on etc, but I’ll leave that for my next post. Today I wanted to post a little comparison study I did, of local woodland. I did this on the way home from taking my daughter to school, at the end of November, beginning of December.

Really what started this was some nice light one morning, and noticing the white buds on the branches. I really liked that but didn’t have a ‘proper’ camera with me. I have experimented a little bit with my phone this year, and have liked some of the shots I’ve taken. So I took a few shots of the woods on my phone and really quite liked how this one in particular turned out:


Phone Shot.

Then I had the idea to do a wee comparison study. So I took a few shots with my DSLR a few mornings later (Nikon D7100 with an AIS 28mm manual lens) this one being the best of them:


DSLR Shot.

And finally a couple on film (Nikon F3, 28mm lens, Ilford HP5 400 iso):


Film Shot.

Obviously there were always going to be external differences such as light, composition, and camera settings etc, as well as the most obvious between phone, DSLR, and film, but it was interesting and fun to do a comparison like this. I think really, because I liked that first shot taken on my phone, I wanted to see how ‘real’ cameras stacked up against it. Again, the playing field wasn’t completely level if you like. To do that I’d really have had to take the shots on the same morning, at the same spot, with the same settings.

It doesn’t really matter, and it’s not a test in the sense that it proves anything, except that perhaps, yes you can take good shots with your phone. Sssh now, don’t tell anyone! Photography is very much about experimenting, seeing how things compare, finding what works, what doesn’t, what you like, and what you don’t.



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