The Hermitage.

My father and I went along to The Hermitage in Perthshire, to photograph the spectacular waterfall there. We had been a couple of years ago and decided to return. It really is the sort of place you wouldn’t tire of visiting. At different times of the year, at different times of the day, you would be presented with something new. You could spend a week walking around, and from a photography point of view, still find different things, different views to shoot. At this time of year, with the dark green moss, and the copper carpet of fallen leaves paving the forest floor, it really does look like Tolkien country.

Today we were amazed to see Salmon leaping up the falls, or at least trying to. Some will make it eventually.


The falls, from the bridge.


From the viewing platform.


Behind the bridge.


The Bridge.


The Trees Are Talking To Each Other.





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