Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016: Day 17.

Shooting more film today (TX400) with my Nikon F3. Noticing that the wee release lever that should pop the back open when loading/unloading the film is getting a bit sticky. Normally the back just pops open with ease, but lately it’s been a bit reluctant. Hoping a breakage isn’t on the way. I’ll have to have a closer look once I get to the end of the current roll.

The highlight of the afternoon was Samurai Drum Ikki performing on the Royal Mile. Sadly I wasn’t there from the start and had to work my way to the front to get any half decent shots, but they are fantastic. I would love to photograph their show properly. I’d love to just see the whole show. Among many others, I should add, such as Rotterz and Chef! for starters.

I sometimes feel a bit guilty that I don’t actually go to any shows at the fringe at all (apart from the live performances on the High Street) but I spend all day walking up and down taking photographs, then get the train home, spend hours editing (even being much more selective than I used to be it still takes time). Just fitting food in somewhere can be an effort. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day.


End of a great show by Samurai Drum Ikki.

Also, I think next year my approach to the Fringe will be different, at least from a blogging point of view. Doing daily posts is a bit of a bind. I think to free myself up from that restraint, I’ll probably just do a couple of Best Shots Of The Fringe posts or something. I know I don’t have to do daily posts etc but I feel committed now. I  also think I should venture a bit further afield too, rather than just sticking mainly to the Royal Mile. I could still do that over the next week I suppose.


Go Go Power Rangeurs!

During my travels to and from Edinburgh over the last two weeks, a new project has developed, photographing scenes and people from my home station, the journey, and destination to Edinburgh Waverly/Haymarket, and back. Enabled by the Ricoh GR, I have been able to get closer, as well as look at things a little differently due to the fixed 28mm equivalent focal length. I am enjoying that a lot, and it has become as much the point of my journey as the festival itself. In fact I am looking forward to the Fringe finishing so I can concentrate on that completely (and without lugging any other gear around).








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