Edinburgh Jazz Festival Carnival 2016

This is always a good weekend for photography. On Saturday there is a free event in the Grassmarket,  jazz bands playing, people having a good time. Then on the Sunday it’s the Carnival Parade, which comes down from the Mound and winds its way along Princes Street, before performing at the Ross Bandstand in the Gardens.

The last couple of years I had been using my DSLR and a supporting cast of various lenses and flash. With the recent addition of the Ricoh GR I was able to dispense with all of that equipment and travel light. Very light. I really am enjoying shooting with the GR for street photography, it’s as close to invisible as you’re possibly ever likely to get. You don’t feel intimidating, you don’t stand out, and this allows you to get close to your subjects without feeling invasive.

I like photographing the performers as well as spectators, people in the crowd, and passersby. There’s a bit of hanging around until the parade itself starts, then it gets quite hectic, then people are milling around in the street or making their way down into Princes Street Gardens to watch various performances going on there.




It’s All A Parade.




Chinese Dancer.





American Eagle.


Shot In The Street.


The Party Is Over.

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