Street Photography, Ricoh GR.

A couple of weeks ago I finally got my hands on the Ricoh GR. I had been looking for an alternative to my DSLR for street photography. I wanted something smaller, lighter, and more discreet, but still able to produce good quality images. I really liked the idea of a small compact camera that you can carry around at all times, and the Ricoh GR fits the bill, as well as being well known as a street shooter’s favourite for all of the reasons above.


Split Frame.

Today was the first chance I’ve had to take it for a wee test run in town. It took a little bit of getting used to. I did feel a little bit insecure without a strap wrapped tightly around my wrist, the one supplied just slips off. The main difference was in having no viewfinder, but eventually this became part of the shooting process. It’s just a different way of working. It certainly helps to play the part of dumb tourist with a small non-professional looking camera, as opposed to a big bulky DSLR complete with flashgun.


On The Up.

The shutter is very quiet, which also takes a little getting used to as at first I wasn’t sure if I was actually taking a shot or not. The 28mm equivalent lens, combined with the quiet shutter allowed me to get closer to the subject, and I felt less conspicuous in doing so.


It’s also really fun to shoot with, just set your iso, shutter speed, and aperture, and off you go. You can of course use priority mode etc if you wish, however I prefer full manual control. For today’s test run I just used available light, I will try the flash next time. All in all I had an enjoyable morning shooting and I’m pretty happy with the results.


Street Style Holmes.






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