Applied Techniques.

One of the subjects in my college photography course this year is Applied Techniques. Basically exploring more scientific/technical aspects of photography like infra-red and U.V. I have been doing quite alot of work for this, but not really getting anywhere, image wise, till recently. Obviously you can’t really expect to produce good images when using a technique for the first time. So it has taken some effort to get a handle on the subject. I think, out of the three I’ve chosen to research, infra-red, painting with light, and Ultraviolate photography, this last one has been the most difficult. In terms of producing any decent work.

The one I’m enjoying most is infra-red. I really like working with it on landscapes, and earlier today I got a shot I was quite happy with. I had tried some long exposures in infra-red at a local river and woodland. Those didn’t quite work, so I went to a nearby churchyard and took some shots there. The one which worked best was of the side of the church itself, with chimneys poking into the sky. This was a long exposure of 30 seconds, which had a nice effect on the clouds.

Church, Livingston Village.

Church, Livingston Village, Infra-red.

Dechmont Hill, West Lothian, Infra-red.

Dechmont Hill, West Lothian, Infra-red.

Painting With Light.

Painting With Light.


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