The Hermitage

Today my dad and I took a little trip up to The Hermitage, in Perth and Kinross. We set off just before 9am and got there around 10.30. This gave us a good two hours to shoot. Only two hours though, as rain was forecast around mid day, and it did arrive on schedule. The scenery is fantastic, you could certainly spend a lot longer there. We are planning a return visit some time in the summer. I recommend a visit.

The Hermitage.

The Hermitage.




The first shot was taken from this bridge.

These photos are long exposures of around 10-20 seconds (which I used to capture the motion of the water). They have also been given the HDR treatment in Photoshop. I recently bought a cable release for my DSLR, as well as an ND 1000 filter which, because it is so dark, means that you have to compose you image first before carefully fitting the filter, then increase your exposure time by a factor of ten. I was looking forward to trying it out. Most came out far too dark, even after an exposure of three minutes. So I tried one at five minutes, but for some reason I ended up with about fifteen images taken over the course of that time. I think the cable release settings were wrong. I gave up on that for another day and switched to an ND8 instead, which is easier to work with, and doesn’t require such long exposure times.


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