Winter Light Part 2.

I went into Edinburgh again this afternoon, to try and take some more Winter Light shots. I took both my DSLR and my Pentax. I had more of an idea of what I was looking for this time, with the contrasty conditions. I went looking specifically for light. I was looking at some of the architecture to see how it both absorbed and reflected light. I had intended to shoot mostly with my Pentax, as the brief requires at least two images to be produced in the darkroom, and I have some digital images to work with already. Unfortunately after about 15 shots the film would not wind on. I had taken some at the ill fated Torchlight Procession, which still left plenty to work with, if it had been the 36 exposures I thought it was, instead of actually 24. The mind does funny things. I’ve been reading 24 as 36 for weeks.

The rest of the afternoon was spent shooting on digital. While I was in town I decided to bite the bullet and ask the proprietors of the Babelon Cafe (the subject of my Higher Photography project) for permission to take photos. The guy I spoke to was nice enough, but unfortunately didn’t want me taking photos inside. So I’m not sure whether to stick to my original plan, expand it to include the general area of the cafe, or abandon it altogether and do something else.

I certainly felt a bit better having got a couple of shots I quite like. I was pretty deflated after the Torchlight Procession.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots from today’s shoot:



Street Light

Lothian Road

Street Light 2

Lothian Road


Victoria Street

Street Photography


Street Photography

Nicholson Street

Street Photography

Waverly Station


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