My dad and I went on a little photographic tour of Fife harbours yesterday. The light was perfect, and I decided to try some more HDR shots, with varying results.

Lower Largo

Lower Largo

St. Monan's

St. Monan’s





I think foreground exposures in some cases could have been better, which is something I’ll have to experiment a bit more with.






2 thoughts on “Harbours

  1. Pittenweem. I saw that on the BBC yesterday (in ‘Coast’ I think). Those HDR shots come out really great in black and white. The skies look awesome!. -Eddy-

    • Cheers, Eddy! (only just seen your comment just now – still getting the hang of this site) Yeah, Coast is a good location source! My dad and I went to St. Abbs after seeing it on there (although I think he’d been years ago). That’s an amazing place, the harbour is great, and the view from the cliff walk is amazing 🙂 I saw one of the presenters coming out of the station in Edinburgh in October, striding purposefully along, hair flying behind him in the breeze haha!

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